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Nuvico ED-C402HD 4CH HD TVI Analog DVR – 2TB

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The Nuvico ED-C402HD is a 4-channel HD TVI analog DVR with 2TB storage, designed to offer advanced video recording capabilities for high-definition surveillance needs.

Nuvico ED-C402HD 4CH HD TVI Analog DVR – 2TB

The Nuvico ED-C402HD 4CH HD TVI Analog DVR with 2TB storage is a robust and feature-rich video recording solution tailored to meet the demands of high-definition surveillance. With the capacity to handle up to 4 channels and ample storage space, this DVR ensures that you can capture, store, and manage critical video footage effectively.

Designed to support HD TVI analog cameras, the ED-C402HD lets you harness the power of high-definition video quality for accurate and detailed monitoring. The 2TB storage capacity provides generous space for storing extended footage, while the advanced compression technology optimizes storage usage without compromising video quality.


  • 4-Channel HD TVI Analog Recording: Monitor up to 4 high-definition analog cameras simultaneously.
  • 2TB Storage: Ample storage space for extended video recording and archiving.
  • HD TVI Compatibility: Supports high-definition TVI analog cameras for superior video quality.
  • Efficient Compression: Advanced compression technology optimizes storage utilization.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls for easy setup, operation, and customization.
  • Live Monitoring: Access real-time video feeds for immediate surveillance.
  • Playback Capability: Review recorded footage for thorough incident analysis.
  • Remote Access: Monitor live or recorded video remotely through compatible devices.
  • Robust Design: Built to provide reliable and consistent performance over time.









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