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Nuvico ED-C805 8ch, 240pps recording @ 2CIF, 500GB

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The Nuvico ED-C805 is an 8-channel DVR that supports 240pps recording at 2CIF resolution, offering reliable surveillance with a 500GB storage capacity.

Nuvico ED-C805 8ch, 240pps recording @ 2CIF, 500GB

The Nuvico ED-C805 8-channel DVR is a dependable solution designed to provide comprehensive surveillance capabilities. With support for up to 8 channels and a recording capability of 240pps (frames per second) at 2CIF resolution, this DVR ensures that you can capture and retain crucial events accurately.

The 2CIF resolution provides clear and detailed footage, allowing for effective monitoring and event analysis. This resolution strikes a balance between video quality and storage efficiency, making it suitable for various surveillance scenarios.


  • Entry Level 8-ch DVR
  • Records up to 30pps @ 2CIF per channel
  • Real-time recording per channel
  • Pentaplex functions
  • Available in 500GB – 2TB HDD models
  • Multiple monitor outputs: VGA, BNC, 1 Spot
  • DVR control methods: Front panel, IR Remote, Mouse, Keyboard (CK-1000)
  • USB flashdrive file copy method
  • 1 channel audio support
  • Watermark
  • Time synchronization between multiple DVRs
  • Windows PC & Mac compatible VMS Pro
  • Free EasyNet Touch mobile app
  • Free DDNS Service









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