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Nuvico ED-P820 Mid-Range Real-time recorder, 8ch, 240pp

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The Nuvico ED-P820 is a mid-range real-time recorder with 8 channels, offering 240pps recording capability for efficient and reliable surveillance.

Nuvico ED-P820 Mid-Range Real-time recorder, 8ch, 240pp

The Nuvico ED-P820 Mid-Range Real-time recorder is designed to provide efficient and reliable surveillance capabilities for a wide range of security needs. With support for up to 8 channels and a recording capability of 240pps (frames per second), this recorder ensures that critical events are captured accurately and promptly.

Tailored for mid-range applications, the ED-P820 strikes a balance between performance and affordability, making it suitable for various surveillance scenarios. The real-time recording capability guarantees that you maintain a real-time view of your monitored areas, minimizing any delay in capturing events.


  • 8-channels
  • Video Format – NTSC
  • Video Compression – H.264
  • Real-time recording per channel
  • Pentaplex functions
  • Available in 1TB – 4TB HDD models
  • Multiple monitor outputs
  • DVR control methods: Front panel, IR Remote, Mouse, Keyboard (CK-1000)
  • USB flashdrive file copy method
  • Multi-channel audio support
  • Watermark
  • Time synchronization between multiple DVRs
  • Windows PC & Mac compatible VMS Pro
  • Free easynet Touch mobile app
  • Free DDNS Service







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ED-P820 Specification Sheet