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Nuvico ED-URB20 Removable HDD Bay w/ 2TB

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The Nuvico ED-URB20 is a removable HDD bay with a pre-installed 2TB hard drive, providing flexible and expandable storage options for your Nuvico surveillance system.

Nuvico ED-URB20 Removable HDD Bay w/ 2TB

The Nuvico ED-URB20 is a versatile solution designed to enhance the storage capabilities of your Nuvico surveillance system. This removable HDD bay comes pre-equipped with a 2TB hard drive, offering both convenience and expandability for managing your recorded video footage.

With the ED-URB20, you have the flexibility to add more storage to your system without the need for complex installations. The removable nature of the HDD bay simplifies maintenance and upgrades, allowing you to easily replace or expand your storage capacity as your surveillance needs evolve.


  • Removable HDD Bay: Easily swap or replace hard drives for efficient maintenance and upgrades.
  • Pre-Installed 2TB Hard Drive: Comes with a substantial storage capacity for recorded video footage.
  • Storage Expansion: Expand your surveillance system’s storage capabilities with ease.
  • Enhanced Video Archive: Maintain extended video footage archives for analysis and compliance.
  • User-Friendly Design: Simplifies storage management and upgrades.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with Nuvico surveillance systems.




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