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Nuvico SC-S36N-FMH Indoor,36X A/F Optical Zoom(3.4-122.4mm)

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Nuvico SC-S36N-FMH: Indoor camera with 36X autofocus optical zoom (3.4-122.4mm) for detailed surveillance.

Nuvico SC-S36N-FMH Indoor,36X A/F Optical Zoom(3.4-122.4mm)

The Nuvico SC-S36N-FMH is an indoor camera featuring a powerful 36X autofocus optical zoom lens with a range of 3.4-122.4mm. This camera is designed to provide detailed and focused surveillance for indoor environments, allowing you to zoom in on subjects and areas of interest.


  • Indoor Surveillance: Designed for indoor monitoring scenarios.
  • 36X Autofocus Optical Zoom: Offers precise and versatile zoom capabilities.
  • Zoom Range (3.4-122.4mm): Allows close-up and distant subject observation.
  • Focused Surveillance: Enables detailed monitoring of specific areas.
  • Clear Imaging: Provides clear video footage for accurate observation.
  • Indoor Application: Suitable for indoor security needs.
  • Versatile Zoom Control: Zoom in on subjects of interest with ease.

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