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Nuvico SN2-L1-4B-16T 2U 4-Bay Rackmount chassis 4x 4TB

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The Nuvico SN2-L1-4B-16T is a versatile 2U rackmount chassis designed to accommodate up to four hard drives, accompanied by four pre-installed 4TB hard drives, resulting in a total storage capacity of 16TB. This storage solution is well-suited for applications demanding significant storage with scalability, such as surveillance systems, data archiving, and more.

Nuvico SN2-L1-4B-16T 2U 4-Bay Rackmount chassis 4x 4TB


  • 4-Bay Rackmount Chassis: The SN2-L1-4B-16T features a 4-bay configuration, providing ample space to house up to four hard drives within a compact 2U rack space
  • Scalability: The chassis’s multiple drive bays offer scalability, allowing for seamless expansion of storage capacity as needs evolve over time
  • Sturdy Construction: The chassis is constructed from durable materials, ensuring resilience in demanding environments and contributing to lasting reliability
  • Rackmount Compatibility: Designed for compatibility with standard rack units, the chassis seamlessly integrates into existing rack configurations
  • Potential Hot-Swapping: Depending on configuration, the chassis may support hot-swappable drive bays, facilitating convenient drive replacement without interruption
  • Versatile Applications: Well-suited for various applications, including video surveillance storage, data archiving, and more


  • Bays: 4-bay configuration
  • Storage Capacity: 4x 4TB hard drives (16TB total)
  • Form Factor: 2U rackmount design
  • Cooling: Integrated cooling mechanisms
  • Rackmount Compatibility: Standard rack unit compatibility
  • Applications: Suitable for video surveillance storage, data archiving, and more


4x 4TB


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