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Paxton 337-425-US Net2 Entry Standard Panel

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Net2 Entry – Standard Panel, Surface mount – Single door kit

Paxton 337-425-US Net2 Entry Standard Panel

The Paxton 337-425-US Net2 Entry – Standard Panel is an access control panel designed for secure entry management.


  • Video Intercom: It enables two-way audio and video communication between occupants and visitors at the entry point, allowing for secure identification and verification.
  • Integrated RFID Card Reader: The panel comes with an integrated RFID card reader, allowing authorized individuals to access the premises using proximity cards or key fobs.
  • Surface Mount Design: The panel is designed for surface mounting, making it easy to install on walls or other flat surfaces.
  • Door Release Functionality: The panel supports remote door release, allowing authorized individuals to unlock doors for visitors or personnel from a central location.
  • Weather-Resistant Housing: The panel is built with a weather-resistant housing, ensuring reliable operation in various environmental conditions, including outdoor settings.
  • Expandable System: The Net2 Entry system is expandable, which means you can add additional door panels and monitors to accommodate larger installations or multiple entry points.
  • Integration with Net2 System: The panel seamlessly integrates with the Paxton Net2 access control system, providing a comprehensive and scalable access management solution.


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